Our Services

Utility Bill Management

FLOW provides a full-service solution to sky-rocketing invoice processing costs. We receive and process our client's recurring utility bills, and routinely analyze invoices to effectively manage and control overall energy costs. Thanks to this sensible innovation, FLOW clients see an immediate decrease in bill processing expenses.

  • All bills have numerous validation rules to ensure they're 'ok to pay'
  • Accounts Payable/GL files will be sent to clients for use in their software systems
  • Effective on-going energy management
  • Substantially reduced client overhead costs
  • Accurate utility financial data
  • Eliminate late fees
  • Avoid shut-offs

Our FLOW Utility Management and MyFlowBill programs offer one simple contract, no set-up costs, and a thirty (30) day out. All costs are fixed monthly, and there are never any additional charges.

Reoccurring Utility Analysis

FLOW's full-service utility management program allows our clients to focus on their core operation. In processing, invoices are scanned and various data points collected. This important invoice information is critical to managing and controlling energy costs.

  • FLOW receives all recurring bills
  • Bills scanned and images are available online
  • Analyze bills for unusual activity and flags potential problems for follow-up
  • Produces maintenance alerts for potential usage issues
  • Produces accounting files for AP or general ledger
  • Forwards files for review and approval
  • Effective on-going energy management
  • Substantially reduces client overhead costs
  • Accurate utility financial data
  • Eliminates late fees
  • Avoid shut-offs

Consumption Monitoring & Reporting

FLOW's proactive approach provides on-going monitoring of your utility consumption. Problem areas are addressed as bills arrive to ensure that expenses remain within your budget. Reoccurring Utility Analysis helps your staff by effectively prioritizing and solving problems as they occur.

FLOW uses state-of-the-art analytical programs to review energy and water consumption patterns, rates, and weather effects. FLOW's database contains over 2,000 communities, which allows for accurate benchmarking. When Flow receives a bill, our experienced analysts thoroughly review consumption to ensure that costs are in-line with seasonal billing periods. If an issue is identified, FLOW reports the account to the client's field operations for further review. More importantly, FLOW provides suggested and proven methods for identifying and solving consumption problems.

  • Evaluate properties with benchmarks to similar accounts or property types
  • On-going recommendations to reduce energy expenses
  • Flag accounts with missing bills
  • Flag accounts that have been estimated longer than necessary
  • Identify accounts that have no usage


FLOW is a utility management company; we are not a transition company that just sends a bill for a fee. Our goal is to maximize utility and incoming resident billing programs.

Our MyFlowWBill resident billing program for sub-meters or Rubs is completely automated, including the final bill. Your property staff simply explains the program at lease signing and collects monies owed along with the rent.

We also provide GreenBill, a low cost Going Green incentive program that offers paperless invoices for a reduced cost.

Our FLOW Utility Management and MyFlowBill programs offer one simple contract, no set-up costs, and a thirty (30) day out. All costs are fixed monthly, and there are never any additional charges.

Vacant Recovery

Processing utility bills and comparing service dates to resident occupancy periods can be a difficult process, but FLOW's system does this on every bill. When a conflict exists, FLOW prorates the bill and provides the client necessary information to collect and recover costs. FLOW focuses on preventing these situations or charges on every utility bill processed for an apartment unit. Reporting is available to clients to help go after repeat offenders and improve the utility transfer at lease signing or move out.

Our system provides an effective tool for your organization to manage utility expenses in units that are vacant. Flow will provide reporting on units that exceed predetermined amounts to ensure your organization does not spend more than necessary for utilities.

Analysis & Strategic Planning, Energy Consulting & Planning

Each organization has its own set of unique needs, so FLOW offers full-service energy consulting for buildings and building operations. We will discuss your objectives and present a plan of attack to best achieve your goals. Our solutions typically include an initial on-site energy audit and utility bill analysis that create a unique energy profile. FLOW can then help implement corrective actions to achieve lower usage and expenses.

FLOW develops energy management plans & strategies covering operations and capital improvements, quantifies conservation measures and helps you understand their impact, assists in the energy procurement process to achieve best rates and favorable contract terms, and develops tools and processes for your own 'in house' energy management efforts.

Additional FLOW services include adding value to your tenant utility billing system, or even automating the process; recommendations on the best ways to implement ENERGY STAR products, automating the participation process in the EPA's Portfolio Manager, and helping you achieve LEED Certification.

FLOW can also control solid waste expenses through contract negotiations and will provide recommendations encompassing right sizing property service, recycling programs, relocation of equipment to better distribute trash loads, and the assessment of trash compactors.

  • Developing plans for reducing energy costs
  • Capital expenditure planning
  • Best practices
  • Identifying areas of improvement


The budgeting process can be very difficult and can easily overwhelm your internal resources. FLOW provides budgets based on historical consumption, predicted consumption and expected utility rates. Our budgets are done account by account and include assumptions.

Account level utility costs represent a significant portion of a property's expenses and are very difficult to budget. Energy budgets are never exact, but FLOW can easily improve estimating figures based on known circumstances. Our account level budgeting allows for exact future variance reporting – we create a budget for each individual account based on quantifiable metrics: budget equals usage, multiplied by rate. Through processing and analysis, we are able to compare metrics to actual budgets and create variance reporting.

Energy Star Reporting

Flow is an Energy Star partner and will manage your properties on Energy Star's Portfolio Manager. Incresingly, local governments are requiring properties to report energy consumption data and this task can be very time consuming and challenging. We can help client set up their properties and then maintain the regular input of utility bill data. Flow will create and send all required reports.